A website and blog written by an adult woman in eating disorder recovery.

Eating Disorder Recovery


Thoughts on and Experiences of

Eating Disorder Recovery

…as an Adult

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I’m Recovering Nomad, a woman with a history of an eating disorder and recovery as an adult.

This website contains my experiences of and thoughts on eating disorders, recovery and all things related.

Living in a diet obsessed culture when you are trying to overcome an eating disorder, disordered eating, compulsive exercise or low body confidence is tough.  

It is very tough and even contemplating change is a big step.

Taking action to recover is hard and even harder to do so when no one seems to understand.

BUT it IS possible!

We all deserve to heal and ultimately live our best lives and I believe that no matter what (length of illness, ‘severity’ of illness, the treatment or support available to us) that anyone can heal.

…I am not saying it is easy though.

I know what it is like to live with an eating disorder as an adult because I have been there.
I had a restrictive eating disorder with compulsive exercise for 13 years before embarking on this recovery journey.  
I was told I would never recover.
I am proving I will.

A row of donuts

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