Eating Disorder Recovery

Yorkie Bars And Stereotypes!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram At The Start Of My Recovery:

Yorkie used to have a slogan… ‘not for girls…’
Well that’s crazy talk as I’m a ‘girl’ and they ain’t gonna tell me not to eat them!!

This got me thinking though about attitudes and stereotypes in our society and that in the eating disorder community we face…
Of course the stereotype for anorexia is teen girl, wanting to be a supermodel…
Not helpful for those of us who don’t fit this widely held image!

I developed an eating disorder long past my teenage years (which were very healthy and happy)….
The ‘not for girls’ slogan also made me consider all the men with eating disorders and how hard it must be for them to have an illness wrongly assumed by so many to be predominantly female.

But, just like with eating Yorkie bars as a girl, we can also show the world that eating disorders come in every gender, age and race. 
In time I hope these stereotypes will reduce and let’s hope that’s sooner rather than later!

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