Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery

Is Recovery Possible?

Am impossibility is just a possibility you don't understand yet.Have you ever felt like reaching a full recovery is impossible???
Perhaps you can believe it of others but not yourself?

Life within the grips of an eating disorder is confusing, overwhelming and frightening but finding a way out is equally mystifying at times and can in dark moments feel impossible.

Understanding what life recovered might mean or look like can also be a vision that seems hard to grasp or believe.

For me, I have to believe that recovery is possible and inevitable if I put in the action needed of eating, resting, rewiring each day.

I’ve no idea what my life recovered will be – that I don’t yet understand but I do know staying in the illness is not a life worth living and even these hellish days in recovery will be worth it when the seemingly impossible happens!

Fight on even if you can’t understand what you are fighting towards- just believe it will be better than where you have been!

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