Eating Disorder Recovery Recovery Motivation

Recovery Motivation

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery:

I have been thinking about recovery motivation this evening…

I’ve recently returned from some time away travelling (trying to run from the eating disorder – unfortunately it doesn’t work as the illness kept following!)…
I love travelling and being able to travel freely and really be present in and appreciate every part of new destinations is definitely a part of a recovered future I envisage.

A large part of travel experiences for most is enjoying local cuisines and during my recent travels, as much as I wanted to engage and enjoy all the local yummy delicacies, the eating disorder side of me kept butting in and made the time I was away much less enjoyable than it could have been.

This was one of the wake up calls to me that it was really time to focus fully on recovery so I could enjoy life in its entirety again and not live a half life.

Happily there was one day during my time in Austria that the eating disorder was treating me more kindly and I did have this traditional apple strudel… although my disordered head did have a bit to say about it!

This photo is a reminder of why I am home and what I’m doing this for now…. to get back to Austria and other parts of the world and eat all the strudels and foods I want because I choose to and without a single ED thought in sight!

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