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Is There Ever A Right Time?

It’s a new month… the first of July.
Where did half the year go?
There is definitely something to the time going by faster the older we get theory!

Often I see and hear people in ED recovery start renewed determinations or commitments at the start of a new month or the start of a new week and that is great – it can be good to have a way to give ourselves a little boost as let us face it anything helps!

However, I have never been a big one for say new year resolutions or setting new goals or challenges from a particular day or date…. If we want change to happen and we have a goal in mind then what are we waiting for? We don’t need a day on the calendar to be the deciding factor in how or when we bring about that change.

I know too that for me this eating disorder is sneaky and I can only imagine that it has now been thousands of times over the years that my ED brain has convinced me that recovery ACTION would start ‘tomorrow’ or from Monday or from another significant date…

Or, perhaps it is convincing me I will start recovery when a certain set of circumstances are perfect – I am living in the right place, I have made it through a certain difficult situation elsewhere in life, at a time when the stars are perfectly aligned or at the precise time I discover that yellow spotted elephant just strolling through the neighbourhood … THEN recovery can happen!

The truth is the ED will use everything and anything in its power to delay us taking those terrifying steps towards getting better and eradicating it from our lives… 
But while we let it delay us, life just ticks on by and we stay at best living in a status quo of ED misery and at worse getting sicker.

So… use this first day of the month if it helps to renew your recovery commitment and take ACTION on that, but don’t forget that there is never a wrong time to commit and renew your determination to get well…. Every minute in the day is filled with possibility and hope!

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