Eating Disorder Recovery Recovery Motivation

Recovering In Less Than Perfect Circumstance

Sometimes your personal situation or circumstances won’t feel right or conducive to recovery…

There will be so many times the eating disorder will try to convince you to wait until the right time or when you are in the right place mentally or physically to continue with your recovery journey.

BUT the longer we let ourselves hold back and not push on, the longer we stay sick and stuck within the grips of the illness within us.

Recovery is hard and it would be amazing if we did all have perfect situations and circumstances in place to make recovery as easy as it could ever be but I doubt anyone has that.

If we can recover despite difficult situations then we will be so strong.

So, your situation right now might not make it easy to persist in recovery action but waiting and hoping it is going to change will only hurt you.

There is no knight in shining armour.

This: today and within ourselves is all we have so join me in drawing your own inner sword to do battle against this illness and face it head on- no matter what.

Oh… you might actually have a sword or they could resemble cinnamon buns (like mine) – you choose!!

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