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Guilt To No Guilt!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery:

Things I WILL NOT feel guilty about having done yesterday (despite what this eating disorder says!): …
– Eating well .
– Having a Rocky Road slice out with my mum .
– Eating sweet goods .
– Ice cream on a warm day . .
– Iced buns because I was craving them .
– Enjoying Chocolate – Cake – Trifle – Cheese .
– Eating bread products at at least 4 different points of the day . .
– Sitting down
– Not going for additional and unnecessary walks .
– Spending money on food .
– Acting in ways that might lead to weight gain!!

Things I should feel guilty about but will learn from and not beat myself up about:
– The eating disorder getting too involved at breakfast and measuring my cereal… I should have just put so much in the bowl there was no doubt it was enough!
– Only eating one hot dog at lunch when probably I could have had two!
– Going out for a milkshake this afternoon but letting the eating disorder allow its negotiations to step in and so returning home instead (although did make up for it with additional ice cream once home!).
– Getting upset and confused in my disordered and conflicted brain this morning and pushing people away who love me and were trying to help.
– Still allowing too many calculations and mental gymnastics to step in when making food choices and plans.
– Still learning to eat enough by mental and physical hunger signals or to fully let go!

Don’t feel guilt for eating, for resting or for defying the eating disorder.


Don’t feel guilt for allowing your body and mind to heal.

When recovery is not perfect (because it never will be)… learn from it and move on… dwelling on what you didn’t achieve in recovery yesterday won’t help either!

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