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Visiting Coffee Shops

A trip out to a new bakery for tea & cake with my mum was just what the doctor ordered…

Over the past few weeks in recovery, I have been taking regular coffee shop trips, alone or with someone else, and I have been reflecting on why and how they have been helpful in recovery….

Here are my thoughts: 🤔
– Visiting a coffee shop is a very pro-recovery, food first way to spend time out the house, yet also avoid letting ED compulsions (walking, other activity etc) step in.
– It’s an excellent way to challenge new eats (or drinks) and not stick to usual ‘safe foods’ at home.
– I cannot have control of food preparation involved and have to accept what comes!
– Spending time in a calm, relaxing environment with food can help calm myself: body & mind, despite often frightening foods being present!
– It normalises the cake eating experience – being around ‘normal’ people who all regularly enjoy cake, for no other reason than ‘just because’ demonstrates to the ED brain that this is not just a recovery activity – this is something that can happen at anytime for evermore!
– If having to order at a counter, especially if there is a queue, it means that the decision making process needs to be relatively swift – I need to make my decision & stick to it.
– A coffee shop such as this one with home baked goods has the added benefit / challenge of no energy values displayed…. Nothing for the ED brain to use to guide decisions or roll around in my head!
– It is social, fun and if I allow it to be relaxing!
– By choosing a place like this where the environment is light and bright, clean, fresh & with a fab ambience – it is all around a great way to spend time with a loved one.

Oh, and if I did want to have an ED tantrum, my inner sense of decorum would probably step in and stop any major scenes in public!!

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