Eating Disorder Recovery Recovery Motivation

Food Can’t Hurt!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery:

Eating more or outside the eating disorder’s rules in recovery can be the most terrifying thing.

But…. at times like this it is bringing it back to the truth –
No amount of food that we eat, no matter the time of day, where, with whom or using whatever cutlery or crockery can ever truly hurt us.

Eating even though we haven’t moved all day can never hurt us.

Eating can’t hurt us and is never the wrong answer!

The thing that will hurt us = not eating.

Not eating despite hunger because it is too frightening, it is not the ‘right time’, we aren’t in the right location or with the right people.
Not eating because an arbitrary meal plan says we have had enough.

Not eating because somebody has made a comment that has triggered us.

Not eating because we haven’t worked out or been active.

There’s never a time or situation when eating is the wrong answer!

Eating won’t kill us (well unless you have an extreme allergic reaction) but not eating could really lead to our early death.

Eating disorder’s kill and the truth is that our way to stop this is food!

So, as we gotta eat and that’s scary – why not make it fun… I love pink, I’m challenging calorific and alcoholic drinks at the moment and I’ve developed a fondness for flamingos so this stash fit my recovery medicine cabinet just fine!

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