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A Couple More Thoughts On Restriction

While sipping on my pink gin and tonic this evening I remembered a couple more things that can help me just slightly when attempting to stop myself making a decision based on restriction!

Please note – restriction not good

So, have a little read back of my earlier posts about restriction in ED and my initial ramblings..

Then, in addition to those…

It can also help when faced with food choices to apply the question:
“If all food was zero calories what would I choose right now?!?”

It’s amazing how many times when applying this mentality the answer is burger or cake and not lettuce or kale.

The other key part in challenging any restriction is to Repeat, repeat, repeat again and remember we need patience and persistence in this recovery game!

As far as possible stay in the moment… don’t let worry about earlier or later affect what you eat now! This is hard but we could be hit by a meteor later and all that angst would be over nothing!

Finally, remember if we don’t fight the illness stays.
Fight, feel shit but that shitty feeling passes… eventually!

All of you are worth so much more than this illness.
Don’t let it take more from you than it has.
Today matters.
You matter.

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