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Food Does Not Need To Be Perfect!

We don’t need to have perfect food… did you get that memo??

We just gotta eat enough of it to break down our fears and restrictions and food rules…

And we will- one bite at a time.

Mouthful by mouthful, whether crying, laughing or just feeling numb, we keep eating our not always picture perfect or even taste perfect food and we inch closer to the freedom we all crave.

Food freedom, freedom to relax, freedom from constant obsessive thoughts, freedom from compensatory behaviours, freedom from persistent anxiety, freedom for the type of relationship with food and our body so many take for granted.

And when we find that freedom never once will we take for granted being in the moment and enjoying a meal with loved ones; spontaneously accepting an invitation for dinner without a second thought; grabbing whatever’s in the fridge for a speedy supper without having calculated it first for hours or just relaxing on the sofa for a day with a family size tub of chocolate and Netflix without an ounce of guilt or anxiety!

Whether your food is perfect or not (chances are it won’t be!!) let’s just keep munching it to escape the claws of this illness!

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