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I Will Celebrate The Fact I Will Recover

Last week Dad bought me this bottle of pink champagne to celebrate something that had happened in my life that should have (and does) offer me hope and will be a way to rebuild my future as I move forwards in recovery.

At the point he presented me with the bottle last week I was capable of raising a glimmer of gratitude and appreciation but I was feeling very low, a little desperate and the future free of an ED felt so distant (if at all possible) that it was barely worth contemplating, let alone celebrating.

This week I’ve committed to a new approach to my recovery and entered a mental space that is more hopeful than I have felt in 12 years of this illness.

Tonight I felt it was time to say YES…
I will recover and do so faster than the speed I was staggering at. .
I feel like my future life will have opportunities again.

I trust that the approach I’m adopting now might finally set me free – mentally rewiring and not just through weight gain.

So tonight, it was time to pop the cork and celebrate the good news I had last week.

Celebrate the fact I WILL rebuild my life in a positive and happy space and I will shake off this illness once and for all, no matter how many more tears & days of distress lie ahead in doing so.

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