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Recently in recovery I’ve been eating quite a lot of cake.

Over the past few weeks my body has been guiding me to cake and cookies and as best as I could I’ve responded and given it these baked goods!

After years of having tasted little in the way of delicious cakes and cookies it is perhaps not surprising now it is ‘allowed’, my body wants lots of it!

So, yesterday I was quite surprised and a little alarmed, when, despite seeing some of my favourite cake on offer in the shop, I was not even remotely tempted to buy it.

To be fair I had already eaten quite a bit of cake yesterday but still … it was a strange experience!

Instead I was more drawn to savoury goods…
It just goes to show – give the body what it wants and it will learn to trust and settle itself down…. Feed the cake monster within and it will not demand just cake forever.

Cake will never be omitted from my diet again and I reckon my body will still want a good amount more in recovery than it might later, once I am a lot further out of the years of restriction I come from.

However, the cake monster will continue to be fed when it wants cake but so too will the cheese monster and the bread monster and the ice cream monster and the burger monster and the pizza monster and the chocolate monster and…..

All the foods are now available to my monsters within… when they want it, with no judgement.

The food and hunger monsters always had my best interests at heart and it is I who have neglected them for too long, so it is time to let the monsters be fed and allow them to heal me!

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