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Anorexia Statistics Need To Change

With eating disorders, when you see the official numbers portrayed in the media & from research it can be disheartening reading.

One of the most commonly cited statistics for anorexia that always stayed with me over the years is that it is an illness of thirds…
– one third will recover – one third will remain chronically ill – one third will die as a direct result of the illness (including suicide).

Of course, this is a particularly gloomy finding & when you do actually read other studies & reports, the results are a little less devastating but nevertheless, the fact that eating disorders have a mortality rate at all and the fact people are not recovering is just too sad….

And unnecessary.

Eating disorders are always treatable & anyone can recover – I have to believe that & I do believe that.

The statistics that the media love and that have been given to me by ‘specialists’ in the past too are disheartening & can leave us feeling helpless & hopeless.

But we can change that.

Let’s show them – let’s prove them wrong!

Every one of us is going to become a statistic one way or another:

We must not be adding to the death rates…

We must not allow the rates of those ‘remaining ill long term’ to grow.

We MUST increase the recovery rate statistics.

We have all got it in us, with support, to recover and to make those statistics a lot less gloomy.

And in doing so, we will be showing the world that it is worth investing the funds & time in helping us recover because we are NOT hopeless cases & NOT lost causes…

AND we will also help to ensure that those who are sick in the future with an eating disorder are given much more hope.  The statistics they will then see will provide them with motivation & understanding that this illness is shit & recovery is the hardest thing they might do, but that they can do it because so many have before.

Anorexia is not a death sentence.
Anorexia need never be a chronic illness.
Anyone can recover!

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