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Coping With Recovery In Hot Weather

Just a reminder… (to me as much as anyone else!!)…

It is a hot day in the UK today & that can make the eating disorder 10 times stronger for many of us…

From thoughts of not needing to eat in the hot weather, to a body that is even more swollen in the heat than usual and wearing clothes that might expose more of ourselves than we usually do…

Plus, let us face it – there is not the term, ‘it seems the heat is getting to them’ without good reason –
Hot weather can make anyone a little crazier than usual!

So, fight back at the eating disorder, if it is stronger in the heat.

Yes, we still need as much food as ever, despite (or possibly because of) the hot weather!

We must keep eating as much as usual (ideally more, always more!)… and what a perfect time to eat more ice cream….. or curry as I did last night (well it’s hot in India & they eat curry a lot there!!).

The feeling that the body is bigger in this heat might be true – every human body swells when the weather is hot as it is the body’s natural response and method to cool us down…
You have not suddenly ballooned & gained masses of weight in a few hours, despite what ED tells you (not that it would be a bad thing if you had!!).

And… don’t let ED shame you into showing your body… our body is our vehicle and gives us life and we should not hide it no matter what shape or size it is…

But let’s keep eating, resting & growing them so there is even more to rock!!

So, yes it is hot…
But we still must eat and in this heat, best sit while we do so!

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