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Day of the week rules…

In recent years I have hated Sundays and found them much harder to tolerate as both the eating disorder and loneliness could feel even worse.

When I was working, I’d volunteer for the Sunday shifts as a way to distract myself and keep busy so that Sunday would slide by, hopefully not becoming too hard to tolerate.
Over the past few weeks though, I have noticed that Sundays are becoming the better day of the week…

On a Sunday at the moment, the eating disorder is starting to give me a bit more let up – tormenting me just slightly less and I enjoy some peace and solitude.

The anxiety with eating and at resting more on a Sunday is now less intense than other days of the week… This in turn makes me feel a bit more relaxed on Sundays, allows more hunger signals to come through & it’s then easier to respond to them.

Happily today has been one such Sunday, despite having a few other things happening this coming week which are causing me slightly more stress than usual, which would usually make the ED stronger.

So when better days or moments like this do come along, I’m learning to put my head down and take full advantage of them, so as to lay a few more recovery bricks into my recovery foundations (so to speak)!!

I know that these ‘day of the week’ rules that we can develop with the eating disorder are not unusual and I am not sure where this stems from…

For now though, it’s pretending to the eating disorder that everyday is Sunday so it might vamoosh a bit sooner but I’m not sure it’s going to make my life that easy!

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