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The Full Impact Of An Eating Disorder

An eating disorder really does creep into every aspect of our lives and that is something so few who do not know about eating disorders understand.

If an eating disorder was just about food and recovery was just about eating more or eating ‘normally’ then it really would not hold so many of us captive in its grip for so long.

I have had an eating disorder now for over a decade and in that time there is not one part of my life that has been left untouched by it and the consequences of it.

The food restriction, food rules, over-exercise, compulsive movement and other more blatant ED symptoms are just one part of the life overhaul necessary to really and truly recover.

To recover we have to be vigilant about everything and change everything …
New habits. New ways of doing things.

Gradually rebuild our life.

Rebuild lost relationships.

It is a life overhaul and every aspect can create anxiety and discomfort.

I am also though choosing to see it as opportunity ahead!

In recovery we will be stronger, shake off the cold existence we have been living and we will be resilient, never taking even the smallest life pleasure for granted!

A recovered life I am excited about.

It could be colourful, full of love and most of all hold the ability to have simple fun and genuine laughter… that’s what I work in recovery for!

What about you??

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