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A Few Other Posts to Share with You…

As some of you loyal, wonderful and regular readers on here might know, I am now setting up as an eating disorder recovery coach and for that I have a separate website, which is

This post is not a marketing ploy though. I am just popping this post up to let you know that I have written a few blog posts over on my other website that might be useful to you, if you like the content on this blog!

To be honest, in setting up the new website, I was not sure whether to blog over there and on here or just stick to one spot for my blogging (as I do love to write and share content, which hopefully helps people too!).

As I say, I have already written a handful of posts on my coaching website which I will keep where they are, so I will give links to those if you are interested but from now on, I think I will otherwise stick to blogging on this site, so keep following on here if you do want more of my random, recovery focused, a bit neurosciency and slightly ‘f**k it’ at times writing!

I also want to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you who do read my rambling words on this site. I really hope they are of help to some out there and that, however you go about it, you are finding your own messy way to your recovered future.

Posts over on

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