Changing Adult Eating Disorder Services #ChangeEDTreatment

Let’s Make Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Effective At Getting The Results For Patients That It Could!

As a woman who has had an eating disorder for well over a decade of her adult life and spent time under various eating disorder services, both as an inpatient and outpatient over those years, I have gained a large amount of insight into what treatment for eating disorders offers and where treatment is currently failing.


Too many people, like myself, are currently forced to leave traditional treatment in order to recover because treatment is not providing the treatment approach that is effective and so necessary to help their patients reach a FULL recovery.

Others are taking the eating disorder services offered but having to find the courage to go beyond the teachings of the treatment they are given and at times go against the advice offered in order to achieve full health.

Eating disorder treatment across the world is already sadly lacking in funds… that is bad enough. 

It is worse when those funds are being put into treatment that is inadequate.

I do believe though that treatment can change.

And what is more, I am determined to see it change.

I do not believe that the professionals treating us are set on providing inadequate care.  They want their patients to succeed but they are misguided and misinformed in how to provide effective treatment to their patients.

It is my dream that some day, very soon, treatment professionals for eating disorders will start to sit up and listen to those of us with lived experience of this illness and of recovery… 

And then perhaps they will work with us to ensure the resources for treatment are spent in the right way and so really do not only change lives but save them too.

#ChangeEDTreatment Petition!

Having become so sick of hearing stories of terrible treatment for people with eating disorders, I started a petition for change!

Please sign the petition on the website:


For more about this have a look at my post …

#ChangeEDTreatment Petition

Can You Help?

I would love to hear your experiences of eating disorder treatment – wherever you are in the world, or if you are a health professional in the eating disorder field then what are your thoughts?  Please share examples of both the good and the not so good…

Please contact me and share your experiences and views… and together we will make change happen!

If you work for an eating disorder organisation and would like me to speak more directly to you, from the perspective of a person with first hand experience of the illness and of treatment, please do also contact me.

The above is an excerpt from a full blog post – found here.