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The ‘All In’ Debate In Eating Disorder Recovery

Currently, when we talk about recovery from a restrictive eating disorder, the term ‘all in’ is often used. ‘All in’ is usually referring to the notion that a person will eat to their body’s real demands… not to a meal plan or to another form of prescribed amount of food, but to really give in […]

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Loneliness With An Eating Disorder And In Recovery

Loneliness is something I think we all experience in one form or another through having an eating disorder and in recovery but is something we don’t often talk about. Lately, I am not ashamed to admit, I have been feeling really quite lonely at times and although loneliness is not a new concept in my […]

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Feeling Superhuman When You Have An Eating Disorder

One thing common to many of us when we are in the depths of an eating disorder, is a regular feeling of being superhuman and invincible. We can be malnourished, at a weight far too low for our bodies, have a weak heart, struggling organs and a starved brain and yet feel energetic, mentally alert, […]

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Lost Friends

I don’t know if I am going to be able to put down in words what I feel in my heart about the friendships and relationships that have been victims to this eating disorder. Because, an eating disorder does not just affect the life of those of us who are ill…  it impacts massively on […]

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Mental And Physical Illness – Should We Categorise?

Nearly all illnesses that I can think of are categorised into whether they are mental or physical in nature.  However, I am not sure I can think of one illness, large or small that does not have mental and physical consequences on the person. So why, I frequently ask myself, are we so keen to […]

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Time To Look Forward… Or Was It?

The past couple of weeks have not been easy in recovery.  I have had increased anxiety and a drop in mood across some of the days and it has been a bit more dippy in the recovery rollercoaster than it was for a while. Things have been feeling tougher again and the prospect of keeping […]

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Grieving The Thin / Underweight Body In Recovery

Yesterday I wrote about throwing my old / anorexic clothes away as I gain back a healthy body in this eating disorder recovery and the emotions that that has raised in me. One of the emotions that has come up is a form of grief for my old, sick, thin, ‘anorexic’ body… and I thought […]

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Low Mood / Depression In Recovery

Lately I’ve had more symptoms of depression in this eating disorder recovery. This is not unusual, it would be rare to go through ED recovery without experiencing a low mood! Within an ED, most people have some depression: living in the hollow, cold, isolated & tormented world of illness brings little joy, although when sick […]

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Angry Eating

The past few days I have had growing levels of anxiety and tonight it culminated in a bigger scale break down. Tears, frustration, anxiety and ongoing feelings of being very overwhelmed with life and with recovery set in. I sobbed and I hurt deep inside and I felt foggy about what I was even trying […]

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Brain Overload!

Over the last two days I really felt I had gone into brain overload. A few things are going on in the background to my life… Things that are stressful for anyone to deal with, let alone when in eating disorder recovery. So with this and trying to keep pushing myself in recovery and continue […]