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Facing Christmas With An Eating Disorder

“Christmas”…. one little word that can strike sheer terror and deep nostalgic sadness into the heart of anyone with an eating disorder.   A time of year, those of us with eating disorders long to enjoy in the carefree and relaxed way people around us do and in the way we did before we became […]

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The Side Effects Of Eating Disorder Recovery!

It gets worse before it gets better…  The side effects of eating disorder recovery are often unpleasant, frequently distressing and at times just plain brutal! When I started out on this very determined and most definitely final recovery attempt a few months ago,  I jumped into a process of eating disorder recovery that, like treatment […]

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Feeling Grateful And Lucky In Recovery

Throughout this eating disorder recovery journey so far, I have been through a range of emotions, of which many have not been hugely positive…  But now there are days when I actually start to not just feel positive emotions, but I have felt relief, gratitude and actually a bit lucky. Over the past few months […]

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Finding Pleasure In Life Again!

Today I went to the theatre on a wild spontaneous spur decision! I’ve always loved live theatre and can still remember the magic of seeing Cats on stage when I was a little girl.  Since then the magic of the live stage has always captivated me. Sadly for many reasons my enjoyment of the theatre […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – We Are Our Best Source Of Support!

I really do think that in order to recover fully from an eating disorder, we ultimately have to take responsibility for it ourselves and often a key moment in recovery is when we finally come to realise that. That is not to say that we cannot use support in recovery – of course we not […]

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Loneliness With An Eating Disorder And In Recovery

Loneliness is something I think we all experience in one form or another through having an eating disorder and in recovery but is something we don’t often talk about. Lately, I am not ashamed to admit, I have been feeling really quite lonely at times and although loneliness is not a new concept in my […]

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Changing Actions Before Thoughts – Rewiring!

Inspired by a recent conversation with a couple of my ED bashing colleagues, I thought I’d write a little post about the importance of changing our actions before expecting our thoughts or beliefs or fears to change. And I believe this is what we call ‘rewiring’, but we talk a lot about rewiring in eating […]

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Eating Disorders – Mental & Life State – Not Weight As A Marker Of Recovery!

Please can we stop using weight as a marker of diagnosis, severity of illness and recover in eating disorders??

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Rock The Curves In Eating Disorder Recovery!

I am not sure if you need to hear this but weight gain is actually ok! Over the past few months, from when I truly started recovery properly, I have gained a reasonable amount of weight and I now have curves and lumps and I have bits of me that are unfamiliar and parts of […]

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Moving On… Quite Literally!

In this post I thought I would share a bit more about what is happening with me.. I have written before about my background and what led me to start this full on recovery attempt a few months ago (Read More About Me! if you have not!). In that post, I wrote about the fact that I […]