Other Eating Disorder Behaviours Recovery Rewiring

Money Spending With An Eating Disorder

This morning I had a mini win over this illness over an issue that I think many with an eating disorder experience, but that is rarely recognised….Money spending and allowing yourself new things. Before this ED I was careful with money but was also happy to spend it and felt little guilt about doing so: […]

Fear Foods Recovery Rewiring

Repeating Challenges

This was a large triple chocolate cookie I had as I was starting to re-dip my toe into ED recovery waters a few weeks ago…I had bought the cookie with all good intentions and then kept it at home too scared to eat it for a few days, while its presence in the house would […]

Anxiety In Recovery Motivation Rewiring

Taking Back Control

Some mornings I wake up and the automatic eating disorder brain pathways are so strong that it can be easy to forget I’m not to follow them and need to walk another path today too and not just yesterday!I therefore have to give myself a little talking to and reminder some days…Today was one of […]