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A Bad Body Image Day

This morning I woke up with bad body image. I had discomfort with my body, a general feeling of being bigger and a sense of negativity about it all…  I felt more aware of my size and uncomfortable both mentally and physically. It is actually unusual for me to experience poor body image days like […]

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Why I Won’t Be Joining The “Strong Not Skinny” Craze In Eating Disorder Recovery

Within the eating disorder recovery community there is a large following of the ‘strong not skinny’ movement and a focus on this in terms of recovering from a restrictive eating disorder. Being the naive person that I can be at times, on first hearing the term ‘strong not skinny’ when it was used in relation […]

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Set Point Weight And ‘Overshoot’ In Eating Disorder Recovery… Why I’m Aiming For Overshoot!

In eating disorder recovery, we often use the term ‘overshoot’ when it comes to weight restoration and it is a concept that fills people in recovery, who are already terrified of weight gain, with a deep sense of dread. Unfortuntately, I do think that the dreaded overshoot in recovery, if we want to get to […]

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Detecting, Rejecting And Learning From The Past

This week was always going to be a more challenging one for me, with situations to face that the eating disordered side of my brain finds very hard to cope with. And so, perhaps it was inevitable that the very persuasive and convincing eating disorder generated anxieties, thoughts and beliefs that I experienced would be […]

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Eating Disorders – Mental & Life State – Not Weight As A Marker Of Recovery!

Please can we stop using weight as a marker of diagnosis, severity of illness and recover in eating disorders??

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Grieving The Thin / Underweight Body In Recovery

Yesterday I wrote about throwing my old / anorexic clothes away as I gain back a healthy body in this eating disorder recovery and the emotions that that has raised in me. One of the emotions that has come up is a form of grief for my old, sick, thin, ‘anorexic’ body… and I thought […]

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Throwing Away Old Clothes In Eating Disorder Recovery

I am at that stage of recovery from this eating disorder where the weight gain and body changes that are such a crucial part of the process mean that the clothes that once hung loosely on my unhealthy frame are now either too small or certainly a lot more fitting than they once were! Clothes […]

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I Will Tolerate Belly Rolls!

This morning I woke with low rumbling anxiety and my eating disorder brain is using my growing body as it’s ammunition for the day and making my expanding flesh much harder to cope with. This is translating as much stronger urges to restrict, move and avoid anything that could lead to even further weight gain… […]

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The ‘You Are Looking Well’ Comments

Fears of comments about ‘looking well’ or weight gain during eating disorder recovery?? Recently I have been meeting up with more people who I have not seen since gaining a reasonable amount of weight as part of my eating disorder recovery. Of course, like many with an eating disorder, when I see someone I have […]

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Anxiety Rising… But Why?

My anxiety over the past few days has been rising again, after a couple of weeks where it had been lower than ever – and not because the eating disorder was winning! The return of the anxiety was an unwelcome surprise a few days ago and instead of abating again as I hoped it would, […]