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The Brain Based Tug of War between your ‘Rational’ and ‘Emotional’ Brain in Recovery

In this ‘brain post’ I want to explain a little more about two important brain regions that play big parts in how we think and act and how these two different parts of the brain often work against one another, trying to take the driver’s seat in guiding our behaviours. The two parts of the […]

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Go Wild & Free In Eating Disorder Recover-ee!

How many times have I written posts about how tough eating disorder recovery is? The answer to that is many, many times and you can find them in the hundreds of posts that are now on this website. Posts about the fact that eating disorder recovery is exhausting, emotional, draining, terrifying and very definitely all […]

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Tips For Loved Ones Supporting Adults With An Eating Disorder

In the UK, this week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I am always uncomfortable about these awareness weeks because of the amount of damaging, stereotypical information on eating disorders that still rears its ugly and harmful head every year, but I wanted to do something to acknowledge the week in my own small way. Therefore, […]