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Food Does Not Need To Be Perfect!

We don’t need to have perfect food… did you get that memo?? We just gotta eat enough of it to break down our fears and restrictions and food rules… And we will- one bite at a time. Mouthful by mouthful, whether crying, laughing or just feeling numb, we keep eating our not always picture perfect […]

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Food Can’t Hurt!

Eating more or outside the ED rules in recovery can be the most terrifying thing. But…. at times like this it’s bringing it back to the truth – No amount of food that we eat, no matter the time of day, where, with whom or using whatever cutlery or crockery can ever truly hurt us. […]

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‘Healthy’ And ‘Unhealthy’ Food Labels – Ugh!

Yesterday I ate (amongst other things): rocky road, iced Belgian bun, ice cream, magnum, cake, chocolate, trifle, crumpets and cheesy goods… In our diet obsessed world of today, many would consider this diet ‘unhealthy’ and look upon it with horror. However, I defy people to use the word ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ when it comes to […]