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Go Wild & Free In Eating Disorder Recover-ee!

How many times have I written posts about how tough eating disorder recovery is? The answer to that is many, many times and you can find them in the hundreds of posts that are now on this website. Posts about the fact that eating disorder recovery is exhausting, emotional, draining, terrifying and very definitely all […]

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Eating Disorders – The Fear Is Real!

People rarely appreciate the level of real fear we face each day in recovery from an eating disorder. With an eating disorder, our brains perceive anything that might cause weight gain as a direct threat to life and so it needs to do anything to fight it, fly from it or just freeze & hope […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Weight Changes

The Confusion Of Weight Gain

In this post I’m going to talk a bit about weight changes in eating disorder recovery, so although I don’t mention numbers, if weight issues trigger you then don’t read! Weight & this eating disorder is an issue I find confusing. Having first developed an eating disorder as an adult, I was in a body […]

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Be Brave!

What brave (or mad!) change can you make today? It doesn’t have to be ground breaking. It doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy cake, burgers or ‘all in’ claims.. It could be a small change to your routine, a change to how you eat or where, adding milk to tea which you normally avoid, sitting […]