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Belief In Recovery

Is it necessary to have belief in recovery to do recovery? Finding it within ourselves to ever believe in recovery, let alone do so consistently and whole heartedly when we have or are trying to recover from an eating disorder can be very difficult. Particularly if we have been sick a long time, already tried […]

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A Custard Slice That Represents Change!

Today’s custard slice. Yes, I have eaten these before…. However, this custard slice reflected another step in my eating disorder recovery. This week, I have gone from despair, high anxiety and at times barely tolerable distress to establishing a new plan and recovery commitment within myself that has left me in a much calmer state […]

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Be Brave!

What brave (or mad!) change can you make today? It doesn’t have to be ground breaking. It doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy cake, burgers or ‘all in’ claims.. It could be a small change to your routine, a change to how you eat or where, adding milk to tea which you normally avoid, sitting […]