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A Bad Body Image Day

This morning I woke up with bad body image. I had discomfort with my body, a general feeling of being bigger and a sense of negativity about it all…  I felt more aware of my size and uncomfortable both mentally and physically. It is actually unusual for me to experience poor body image days like […]

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Rock The Curves In Eating Disorder Recovery!

I am not sure if you need to hear this but weight gain is actually ok! Over the past few months, from when I truly started recovery properly, I have gained a reasonable amount of weight and I now have curves and lumps and I have bits of me that are unfamiliar and parts of […]

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Throwing Away Old Clothes In Eating Disorder Recovery

I am at that stage of recovery from this eating disorder where the weight gain and body changes that are such a crucial part of the process mean that the clothes that once hung loosely on my unhealthy frame are now either too small or certainly a lot more fitting than they once were! Clothes […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Recovery Motivation Weight Changes

The ‘You Are Looking Well’ Comments

Fears of comments about ‘looking well’ or weight gain during eating disorder recovery?? Recently I have been meeting up with more people who I have not seen since gaining a reasonable amount of weight as part of my eating disorder recovery. Of course, like many with an eating disorder, when I see someone I have […]