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Time To Look Forward… Or Was It?

The past couple of weeks have not been easy in recovery.  I have had increased anxiety and a drop in mood across some of the days and it has been a bit more dippy in the recovery rollercoaster than it was for a while. Things have been feeling tougher again and the prospect of keeping […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Rewiring / Neuroplasticity

‘Normal’ In Eating Disorder Recovery?

Should we be ‘normal’ in recovery? Earlier today, I had a comment that I’ve been visiting a lot of coffee shops, with the question raised of whether this was a ‘normal’ thing to do. The question got me thinking & it did get me wanting to respond with a thought I often have about eating […]

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Visiting Coffee Shops

A trip out to a new bakery for tea & cake with my mum was just what the doctor ordered… Over the past few weeks in recovery, I have been taking regular coffee shop trips, alone or with someone else, and I have been reflecting on why and how they have been helpful in recovery…. […]