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Not Eating At Permitted Times Can Be As Tormenting As Eating More

Another symptom of eating disorders that I am sure I am not unique in experiencing and is poorly understood is that the prospect of not eating in my very rigid and safe times, places and ways could be as tormenting as the prospect of eating more or facing fear foods. The eating disorder I have […]

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Rigid Routines

It has been an odd day today… I arranged to go and visit my grandparents who are in their 90s this morning and it was important to me to see them and spend time with them. However, I was caught by surprise at the level of anxiety this simple trip caused me… The anxiety too […]

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No More Comfort Zones

At the moment in this recovery journey I feel so far out of my comfort zone it’s untrue!However, I also hold on to the fact that if it is feeling terrifying then it should be doing good. I do keep framing recovery actions in my mind as having to make that decision to jump out […]