Eating Disorder Recovery Emotions Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Recovery Motivation Rewiring / Neuroplasticity Weight Changes

Eating Disorder Recovery – “Tell Me How To Recover!!”

How many times did I seek the magic answer to eating disorder recovery over my years of illness? How many times have I been asked the question or asked it myself of others, ‘…but HOW?!?’. “But HOW do I eat more / rest more / stop my weird and not so wonderful eating disorder behaviours […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Eating Disorder Treatment Emotions Exercise / Compulsive Movement Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Other ED Behaviours Recovery Motivation Restriction & Fear Foods Rewiring / Neuroplasticity

Learnings From Recovery After 3 Months

After two months of starting this recovery, I wrote about what I’d learnt at that point. This is an extension, with the further learnings from month three. At the start of month three I adopted a faster approach & revised plan, which has had its ups & downs but generally proven beneficial! I plan to […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Recovery Motivation Rewiring / Neuroplasticity

Using Curiosity In Recovery

Curiosity in Eating Disorder Recovery. Having recently made more progress in recovery – in being able to make changes – eat more, accept weight gain at any rate and generally feel more relaxed and determined on putting in the necessary recovery action, I have been evaluating what it is that has changed in my approach. […]