Eating Disorder Recovery – Responsible Use Of Social Media

It was through Instagram that my ‘Recovering Nomad’ identity began, later developing into this website as well.  I started the instagram account initially as a way to track my recovery and link in with the eating disorder online community. Now having been a part of that community for a while, I have found that it […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – We Are Our Best Source Of Support!

I really do think that in order to recover fully from an eating disorder, we ultimately have to take responsibility for it ourselves and often a key moment in recovery is when we finally come to realise that. That is not to say that we cannot use support in recovery – of course we not […]

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Please stop saying, “…they don’t want to recover!”

A comment that always upsets me when I hear it made about someone with an eating disorder is, ‘…but they don’t want to recover’. According to who does this person afflicted with one of the cruelest and potentially life threatening illnesses not want more from life? I am sure that in the years of my […]

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Communicating Our Need For Help With An Eating Disorder

Earlier this week there was devastating news about the death of a young woman from anorexia – an incredible young woman who was a valued member of the eating disorder recovery community I belong to.  The new of Lilli’s death has affected me deeply & more than similar tragedies have in recent years. I think this […]