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Feast Always Follows Famine

‘Feast Always Follows Famine’…. These old sayings exist because they are true. And in eating disorder recovery when you think you are broken because you are hungry ALL the time and thoughts of food will never switch off, even when your stomach is stretched to a painfully full limit yet no amount of food that […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – Reset From Zero To HERO!!!

Many of us with an eating disorder are told (probably because it is true) that we have very black and white thinking. I do not believe that the black and white mindset is a pre-existing ‘personality trait’ of a person with an eating disorder, which some ‘professionals’ might try to persuade us is the case, […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Emotions Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Restriction & Fear Foods Rewiring / Neuroplasticity Weight Changes

Radical Acceptance Of Weight Gain

In a previous post I spoke about the confusion that weight gain in recovery was causing… In this post I want to address the need for radical acceptance of weight gain and body changes in recovery, if we want to recover. In my years of illness I always hated being underweight… the healthy me wanted […]