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No Shame To An Eating Disorder

Too frequently, I see people with eating disorders who are bravely attempting recovery from this all consuming, life changing and poorly understood illness, express shame. They feel ashamed that they have an eating disorder in the first instance, ashamed of what the illness has done to their life or the impact it has had on […]

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Raw Recovery Emotions And Loved Ones

A personal post… When I was going through my early stage of intense recovery last year, I stayed with my parents for a few months. And although I owned my recovery, my parents were there, providing emotional support and regrettably (for me now) taking the brunt of the pure, raw and very real emotions that […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – A CheerLeading Post!

If you are here now, reading recovery blogs online and you have an eating disorder then you are already a superhero because whether you have taken any other positive steps into recovery yet or not, you are obviously not just accepting life in the illness and at the very least, you are contemplating the terrifying […]

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Loneliness With An Eating Disorder And In Recovery

Loneliness is something I think we all experience in one form or another through having an eating disorder and in recovery but is something we don’t often talk about. Lately, I am not ashamed to admit, I have been feeling really quite lonely at times and although loneliness is not a new concept in my […]

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Lost Friends

I don’t know if I am going to be able to put down in words what I feel in my heart about the friendships and relationships that have been victims to this eating disorder. Because, an eating disorder does not just affect the life of those of us who are ill…  it impacts massively on […]

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Grieving The Thin / Underweight Body In Recovery

Yesterday I wrote about throwing my old / anorexic clothes away as I gain back a healthy body in this eating disorder recovery and the emotions that that has raised in me. One of the emotions that has come up is a form of grief for my old, sick, thin, ‘anorexic’ body… and I thought […]

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Low Mood / Depression In Recovery

Lately I’ve had more symptoms of depression in this eating disorder recovery. This is not unusual, it would be rare to go through ED recovery without experiencing a low mood! Within an ED, most people have some depression: living in the hollow, cold, isolated & tormented world of illness brings little joy, although when sick […]

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Anxiety Rising… But Why?

My anxiety over the past few days has been rising again, after a couple of weeks where it had been lower than ever – and not because the eating disorder was winning! The return of the anxiety was an unwelcome surprise a few days ago and instead of abating again as I hoped it would, […]

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Guilt When Seen Eating Or Resting In Recovery

**This post was written originally for my Instagram account** An area I still struggle with are feelings of guilt if people see me eat, get food or see me resting. At times I still wait to hear that family have vacated the kitchen before scurrying in to grab my food and eat in private. I […]

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Every Small Win In Recovery Counts And Should Be Celebrated!

One thing that makes me sad and mad about eating disorders (true there are many things but I’ll just rant about this one for now!) is that the illness will rarely let us realise just what we have achieved in a day or even a moment. I often hear people in the eating disorder community […]