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Raw Recovery Emotions And Loved Ones

A personal post… When I was going through my early stage of intense recovery last year, I stayed with my parents for a few months. And although I owned my recovery, my parents were there, providing emotional support and regrettably (for me now) taking the brunt of the pure, raw and very real emotions that […]

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Facing Christmas With An Eating Disorder

“Christmas”…. one little word that can strike sheer terror and deep nostalgic sadness into the heart of anyone with an eating disorder.   A time of year, those of us with eating disorders long to enjoy in the carefree and relaxed way people around us do and in the way we did before we became […]

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Those Around Us Unintentionally Colluding With The Eating Disorder

With an eating disorder, when sick or when recovering, one of the most frustrating and sometimes hurtful things that can happen, is when people around us unintentionally collude with the eating disorder. Those close to us – relatives or friends can be guilty of this, as can health professionals whose job it is to know […]

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Managing Family Tensions In Recovery

This morning tensions ran high at home… Communication between myself and my parents were not at their best and it resulted in high emotion and an atmosphere in the house you could cut a knife through! This left me feeling very emotional.. I knew I was causing additional stress on my parents and felt a […]