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Facing Fears And Higher Fats Really Make Recovery More Possible!

Over the past week or so I have been experiencing more extremes in my mood and anxiety levels than usual. Some days and evenings I am on a high – life is feeling possible and I feel that the world is opening its doors to me.  I want to be in the world and I […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Motivation Recovery Restriction Rewiring Weight Changes

My Recovery Mantra!

Warning – use of swearing – don’t read if easily offended!!! Ok… I was never going to post this because I thought it might scare or it might offend people. However, I’m often asked what led me to jump from those murky recover waters we often find ourselves in… That space between in the illness […]

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Dealing With Weight Gain In Eating Disorder Recovery

Weight gain in recovery is essential but not easy.. I have been gaining weight lately as part of my eating disorder recovery and so I thought I’d write a bit more about my experiences with and thoughts about weight gain. Weight gain is something we don’t talk about a lot, unless in a negative way and […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Motivation Recovery Rewiring Weight Changes


Today it’s about the FATS!! I regularly try to check in with myself in recovery to work out where I am doing ok, where I am doing well and where I am still letting the eating disorder take too much of an upper hand. I am doing ok at eating a lot more food, resting […]