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Rock The Curves In Eating Disorder Recovery!

I am not sure if you need to hear this but weight gain is actually ok! Over the past few months, from when I truly started recovery properly, I have gained a reasonable amount of weight and I now have curves and lumps and I have bits of me that are unfamiliar and parts of […]

Anxiety In Recovery Eating Disorder Treatment Motivation Recovery Weight Changes

Dealing With Weight Gain In Eating Disorder Recovery

Weight gain in recovery is essential but not easy.. I have been gaining weight lately as part of my eating disorder recovery and so I thought I’d write a bit more about my experiences with and thoughts about weight gain. Weight gain is something we don’t talk about a lot, unless in a negative way and […]

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Today it’s about the FATS!! I regularly try to check in with myself in recovery to work out where I am doing ok, where I am doing well and where I am still letting the eating disorder take too much of an upper hand. I am doing ok at eating a lot more food, resting […]