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Facing Fears And Higher Fats Really Make Recovery More Possible!

Over the past week or so I have been experiencing more extremes in my mood and anxiety levels than usual. Some days and evenings I am on a high – life is feeling possible and I feel that the world is opening its doors to me.  I want to be in the world and I […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Motivation Recovery Restriction Rewiring

Held Hostage By Food At Home

I wish I could claim to have come up with the phrase of being ‘held hostage’ by the eating disorder with the foods we have at home but I can’t. However, it is something I find myself falling victim to and I think others might relate… This term refers to when you are perhaps food […]

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Hot Dog Snack?? Why Not?

Changing my usual routine today and shaking the ED comfort zone…It feels so hard to do in the moment and caused considerable anxiety but it’s done and I now feel that sense of achievement and that anything is possible, no matter what the eating disorder side of my brain has to say about it!!🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭Decided as […]

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Today it’s about the FATS!! I regularly try to check in with myself in recovery to work out where I am doing ok, where I am doing well and where I am still letting the eating disorder take too much of an upper hand. I am doing ok at eating a lot more food, resting […]

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‘Normal’ In Eating Disorder Recovery?

Should we be ‘normal’ in recovery? Earlier today, I had a comment that I’ve been visiting a lot of coffee shops, with the question raised of whether this was a ‘normal’ thing to do. The question got me thinking & it did get me wanting to respond with a thought I often have about eating […]

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I Will Celebrate The Fact I Will Recover

Last week Dad bought me this bottle of pink champagne to celebrate something that had happened in my life that should have (and does) offer me hope and will be a way to rebuild my future as I move forwards in recovery. At the point he presented me with the bottle last week I was […]

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A Custard Slice That Represents Change!

Today’s custard slice. Yes, I have eaten these before…. However, this custard slice reflected another step in my eating disorder recovery. This week, I have gone from despair, high anxiety and at times barely tolerable distress to establishing a new plan and recovery commitment within myself that has left me in a much calmer state […]

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I Ate A Whole Pizza!

This pizza was part of lunch yesterday… Yes, yesterday I ate the whole pizza and felt confident and not overly anxious about doing so. I did not compensate before or after. Could I have done this two weeks ago, let alone two months ago ?? NO way!! This marks progress for me and I feel […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Recovery Rewiring

Panic From A Sandwich!

Oh to one day be able to mindlessly eat a sandwich like this and it be such a normal part of the day that if someone asks what I had for lunch I have to spend a few moments to remember! I have to believe that day will come. But today having this sandwich was […]

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Sugar Is Vital!!

Why Sugar (& Jelly Babies) In Eating Disorder Recovery Is Vital! Many of us in recovery experience strong & ongoing cravings for sugar & sweet foods. This can happen at any stage of recovery but is often very strong in the early stages or if we have inadvertently gone into a greater energy deficit. People […]