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Fear Of Being Underfed In Recovery

When accepting help creates terror but it’s not why you think. I have just had one of those dawning moments that make some of the recovery fears a little clearer. I consider myself an inadvertent victim of the traditional treatment I’ve received ‘help’ from in the past. Models where meal plans were barely adequate to […]

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Mental v. Physical Hunger

**This post was originally written for my Instagram account** Today I’ve been experiencing and trying to respond to, without judgement, a lot more mental and physical hunger than I have had in recent days. We all know what physical hunger is but not many people, particularly those outside the world of eating disorders and recovery, […]

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Food Can’t Hurt!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: Eating more or outside the eating disorder’s rules in recovery can be the most terrifying thing. But…. at times like this it is bringing it back to the truth – No amount of food that we eat, no matter the time of day, […]

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Dealing With Bad Recovery Days

I wish recovery was all happy cake eating, coffee shops, smiling moments with loved ones & feeling relaxed lying on the sofa munching pizza & watching Netflix. Reality is different. Yes, there are moments of eating better, cake & pizza, coffee shop trips which can be enjoyable but these are also all associated with feelings […]


What Is Unrestricted Eating?

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: After a really good day of eating yesterday with much less interference from the eating disorder side of my brain, today has been tougher. I’ve still done ok but it’s not been as easy and the anxiety and restrictive thoughts have been stronger. […]