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The Torment Of Food Decisions With An Eating Disorder

Wow… those early days of recovery eating could be pure mental torture when it came to trying to make a food decision. The agony and processing that an eating disorder brain will put us through in making a pure and simple choice of what to eat next is not even describable. And the sad thing […]

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Facing Christmas With An Eating Disorder

“Christmas”…. one little word that can strike sheer terror and deep nostalgic sadness into the heart of anyone with an eating disorder.   A time of year, those of us with eating disorders long to enjoy in the carefree and relaxed way people around us do and in the way we did before we became […]

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Biochemical Factors in Eating Disorder Recovery… A Brief Summary!

endED: Dr Leane Barron at The Farm – Video on YouTube This is quite a long but fascinating talk on YouTube, given by Dr Barron, an eating disorder specialist, about the biochemical factors to consider in eating disorder recovery.  Definitely have a watch if you can! I did though take notes and thought I would […]