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Raw Recovery Emotions And Loved Ones

A personal post… When I was going through my early stage of intense recovery last year, I stayed with my parents for a few months. And although I owned my recovery, my parents were there, providing emotional support and regrettably (for me now) taking the brunt of the pure, raw and very real emotions that […]

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Angry Eating

The past few days I have had growing levels of anxiety and tonight it culminated in a bigger scale break down. Tears, frustration, anxiety and ongoing feelings of being very overwhelmed with life and with recovery set in. I sobbed and I hurt deep inside and I felt foggy about what I was even trying […]

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Brain Overload!

Over the last two days I really felt I had gone into brain overload. A few things are going on in the background to my life… Things that are stressful for anyone to deal with, let alone when in eating disorder recovery. So with this and trying to keep pushing myself in recovery and continue […]

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Anxiety Rising… But Why?

My anxiety over the past few days has been rising again, after a couple of weeks where it had been lower than ever – and not because the eating disorder was winning! The return of the anxiety was an unwelcome surprise a few days ago and instead of abating again as I hoped it would, […]

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Hysteria In Recovery!

Well, it turns out that at times a little hysteria really does help. Lately in recovery I’ve been getting higher levels of anxiety than I was… I have always had anxiety with eating and resting more, gaining weight etc but the past week or so it had been escalating. I know that in recovery it […]

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Managing Family Tensions In Recovery

This morning tensions ran high at home… Communication between myself and my parents were not at their best and it resulted in high emotion and an atmosphere in the house you could cut a knife through! This left me feeling very emotional.. I knew I was causing additional stress on my parents and felt a […]

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Swearing Helps Eating Disorder Recovery

Anyone else find that they go through life rarely swearing but when it comes to eating disorder recovery or considering anything to do with an ED the language becomes less than polite? Maybe it’s just me… but I don’t think so! Recently I’ve turned into a person who can curse with the best of them. […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery Or Whack A Mole?

If an eating disorder were a living creature I think it would be a weasel (possibly less cute) with countless sneaky tricks it can deploy to distract, confuse, terrify & kill its prey. Recovering from an eating disorder is being vigilant to all the tricks that the ED can deploy to keep us trapped. So […]

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Don’t Tell Me To Keep Calm!

The reality of eating disorder recovery!! I received a sign today from my Mum that said on it, “Don’t Tell Me To Keep Calm’! Despite (in theory!!) being a grown adult woman, I returned to live with my parents recently in order to have support & give myself a better chance at recovery… It was […]

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Using Negative Emotions To Force Change

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: These cinnamon Danish pastries have been taunting me for a while now… When I see them I keep looking, picking them up, putting them back and allowing the eating disorder that small victory.Today had been a tough day of high anxiety and frustration […]