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Guilt When Seen Eating Or Resting In Recovery

**This post was written originally for my Instagram account** An area I still struggle with are feelings of guilt if people see me eat, get food or see me resting. At times I still wait to hear that family have vacated the kitchen before scurrying in to grab my food and eat in private. I […]

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Should We Believe Eating Disorder Threats?

Eating Disorder Threats: Are They Real? Maybe! I think the thing that keeps me & others trapped in an eating disorder, preventing full recovery, is believing the threats ED generates. ‘If you eat that then you must restrict & compensate later.’ ‘Rest now & you will pay later as I won’t let you eat or […]

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Emotions In Eating Disorder Recovery

Over the past week I’ve been experiencing greater extremes of emotion. Feelings and thoughts that for a decade have been pushed aside, blunted & numbed are bubbling up. This has left me thinking much more about the purpose of our emotions and what happens during an eating disorder and in recovery. Of course emotions do […]

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Guilt To No Guilt!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: Things I WILL NOT feel guilty about having done yesterday (despite what this eating disorder says!): …– Eating well .– Having a Rocky Road slice out with my mum .– Eating sweet goods .– Ice cream on a warm day . .– Iced […]