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Recovery Drifting – Terrifying!

Eating disorder recovery is often described as a journey because… well because it is really.  You certainly don’t just pop a magic pill and the next day you are recovered (if only!!). Eating disorder recovery is generally quite a messy, painful, bumpy process of tears, snot, frustration and quite a lot of food. But it […]

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Holding On Through Dark Days

Having survived a few storms lately & aware some of you are in the thick of one now, I thought this quote appropriate & was reflecting more on it. There have been times in this illness & now in recovery, when darkness has descended on me. Sadness, despair, loss of hope, distress so strong I […]

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Swearing Helps Eating Disorder Recovery

Anyone else find that they go through life rarely swearing but when it comes to eating disorder recovery or considering anything to do with an ED the language becomes less than polite? Maybe it’s just me… but I don’t think so! Recently I’ve turned into a person who can curse with the best of them. […]

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Tough And Emotional Days

I try to keep my posts here honest & so today I want to be open about my last day or so… Over the past week or more I have adopted a new recovery approach, taken on a new mindset & it has been going really well.. I’ve been making more progress than I ever […]