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How To Recover? Trust Your Gut Instincts!!

There are many things common to most of us with an eating disorder but one of these is that we spend so much time (too much time!) seeking and let’s be honest, arguing over, the ‘right way’ to do recovery. Do we go ‘all in’ (I hate that term)?  Do we follow a meal plan? […]

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Eating Disorders – Mental & Life State – Not Weight As A Marker Of Recovery!

Please can we stop using weight as a marker of diagnosis, severity of illness and recover in eating disorders??

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Those Around Us Unintentionally Colluding With The Eating Disorder

With an eating disorder, when sick or when recovering, one of the most frustrating and sometimes hurtful things that can happen, is when people around us unintentionally collude with the eating disorder. Those close to us – relatives or friends can be guilty of this, as can health professionals whose job it is to know […]

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Mental And Physical Illness – Should We Categorise?

Nearly all illnesses that I can think of are categorised into whether they are mental or physical in nature.  However, I am not sure I can think of one illness, large or small that does not have mental and physical consequences on the person. So why, I frequently ask myself, are we so keen to […]