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Hunger Signals In Eating Disorder Recovery

Slowly in recovery, I am learning more about my body’s hunger signals, gradually trusting them and that they will change and ‘normalise’ in time, when my body is ready (a long way yet!). For years due to the eating disorder, I did not eat according to appetite. I ignored hunger, judging it to be inappropriate […]

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In recovery from restrictive eating our body signals are beyond messy & plain unreliable! We are recovering from restrictive eating that has left the body depleted and struggling to stay alive. The only way to recover from a restrictive mindset and allow the body to fully repair is to eat and eat like a person […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Recovery Restriction


Recently in recovery I’ve been eating quite a lot of cake. Over the past few weeks my body has been guiding me to cake and cookies and as best as I could I’ve responded and given it these baked goods! After years of having tasted little in the way of delicious cakes and cookies it […]

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Mental v. Physical Hunger

Today I’ve been experiencing and trying to respond to, without judgement, a lot more mental & physical hunger than I have had in recent days. We all know what physical hunger is but not many people, particularly those outside the world of eating disorders & recovery, understand the concept & importance of mental hunger in […]