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Eating Disorder Recovery – A CheerLeading Post!

If you are here now, reading recovery blogs online and you have an eating disorder then you are already a superhero because whether you have taken any other positive steps into recovery yet or not, you are obviously not just accepting life in the illness and at the very least, you are contemplating the terrifying […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – “Tell Me How To Recover!!”

How many times did I seek the magic answer to eating disorder recovery over my years of illness? How many times have I been asked the question or asked it myself of others, ‘…but HOW?!?’. “But HOW do I eat more / rest more / stop my weird and not so wonderful eating disorder behaviours […]

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The Side Effects Of Eating Disorder Recovery!

It gets worse before it gets better…  The side effects of eating disorder recovery are often unpleasant, frequently distressing and at times just plain brutal! When I started out on this very determined and most definitely final recovery attempt a few months ago,  I jumped into a process of eating disorder recovery that, like treatment […]

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Facing Fears And Higher Fats Really Make Recovery More Possible!

Over the past week or so I have been experiencing more extremes in my mood and anxiety levels than usual. Some days and evenings I am on a high – life is feeling possible and I feel that the world is opening its doors to me.  I want to be in the world and I […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery Brain Fog

In a perfect world, eating disorder recovery would involve our being able to grasp a clear and consistent understanding on what recovery takes. We would hold onto what our ‘prescription’ was & even though executing it isn’t easy, we would keep a basic understanding of the plan, why it was such and the hoped for […]

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Fine Tuning In Eating Disorder Recovery

I feel I am at a strange stage in this eating disorder recovery. I have done the early bit where what you have to do is incredibly complicated in an eating disordered mind but really very simple – eat more food, rest and forego behaviours. The what you eat, where, when or how does not […]

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Hold On

  With this eating disorder and in recovery there are so many times I have wanted to give up… When the illness felt too much to keep living with, the process of recovery too hard and too impossible and the hope of anything different felt out of reach. But somehow I held on. Despite some […]

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Severe And Enduring Eating Disorders (SEED)

Being diagnosed with an eating disorder is not a joyous occasion but it provides a medical reasoning for the food rules, anxieties, behaviours, weight manipulation & feeling of craziness that an eating disorder brings to our lives. Once diagnosed we can feel relief & hope – now diagnosed, surely treatment can help us get better? […]

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I Ate A Whole Pizza!

This pizza was part of lunch yesterday… Yes, yesterday I ate the whole pizza and felt confident and not overly anxious about doing so. I did not compensate before or after. Could I have done this two weeks ago, let alone two months ago ?? NO way!! This marks progress for me and I feel […]

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Forcing A Path Through Recovery Woods

“When you’re lost in those woods, it sometimes takes you a while to realize that you are lost. For the longest time, you can convince yourself that you’ve just wandered off the path, that you’ll find your way back to the trailhead any moment now. Then night falls again and again, and you still have […]