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Addressing Food AND Exercise Compulsions In Recovery At The Same Time?

One of the most common questions about eating disorder recovery that I get a lot and that I asked myself when trying to work out how to approach recovery is do we address all the fears… the eating more food, the resting, the stopping all the other weird s**t we do at the same time..? […]

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Low Mood / Depression In Recovery

Lately I’ve had more symptoms of depression in this eating disorder recovery. This is not unusual, it would be rare to go through ED recovery without experiencing a low mood! Within an ED, most people have some depression: living in the hollow, cold, isolated & tormented world of illness brings little joy, although when sick […]

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Holding On Through Dark Days

Having survived a few storms lately & aware some of you are in the thick of one now, I thought this quote appropriate & was reflecting more on it. There have been times in this illness & now in recovery, when darkness has descended on me. Sadness, despair, loss of hope, distress so strong I […]

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Don’t Tell Me To Keep Calm!

The reality of eating disorder recovery!! I received a sign today from my Mum that said on it, “Don’t Tell Me To Keep Calm’! Despite (in theory!!) being a grown adult woman, I returned to live with my parents recently in order to have support & give myself a better chance at recovery… It was […]