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Go Wild & Free In Eating Disorder Recover-ee!

How many times have I written posts about how tough eating disorder recovery is? The answer to that is many, many times and you can find them in the hundreds of posts that are now on this website. Posts about the fact that eating disorder recovery is exhausting, emotional, draining, terrifying and very definitely all […]

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Going Life Mad And A Little Bit Crazy In Recovery!!

You know what?  I don’t think I’ve eaten a restaurant meal in almost a decade because of my eating disorder and in this last week I have eaten a proper meal in a restaurant without huge anxiety and without compensating and with being able to be present with the company I was with on more […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Recovery Motivation Rewiring / Neuroplasticity

Using Curiosity In Recovery

Curiosity in Eating Disorder Recovery. Having recently made more progress in recovery – in being able to make changes – eat more, accept weight gain at any rate and generally feel more relaxed and determined on putting in the necessary recovery action, I have been evaluating what it is that has changed in my approach. […]