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Meal Plans Prevent Neural Rewiring In Eating Disorder Recovery

In traditional treatment for eating disorders, meal plans are the ‘prescription’ every patient who walks through the door is given.  They are the basis that treatment has been built upon for years.  Wherever you live in the world and whether it is eating disorder treatment as an inpatient, out-patient, day patient or something in-between, meal […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Eating Disorder Treatment Exercise / Compulsive Movement Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Restriction & Fear Foods Weight Changes

One Of The Hardest Stages Of Recovery?

You have committed to recovering, decided you are going to eat and rest more, ‘try’ to accept weight gain (sigh!) and you have set out on making brave changes. You are muddling through how to make yourself eat not just more but ‘enough’…. yet there is also still an intense fear of eating ‘too much’. […]