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‘Commitment’ To Recovery – What Does It Mean?

Very often nowadays, you will hear people say, ‘I am committing to my recovery‘ or recovery coaches might say, ‘you have to commit!‘… And it sounds great doesn’t it? It sounds wonderful. To be committed to the process and committed to our recovered selves… But what does it really mean when we talk about commitment […]

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No Pain, No Gain In Eating Disorder Recovery

This post is a sharp reality hit about eating disorder recovery. I write this post because recognising how real and unavoidable this truth is, if full recovery is ever to actually be realised, took me far too many years in my recovery but it need not be so for others. And the truth I want […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – A CheerLeading Post!

If you are here now, reading recovery blogs online and you have an eating disorder then you are already a superhero because whether you have taken any other positive steps into recovery yet or not, you are obviously not just accepting life in the illness and at the very least, you are contemplating the terrifying […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – “Tell Me How To Recover!!”

How many times did I seek the magic answer to eating disorder recovery over my years of illness? How many times have I been asked the question or asked it myself of others, ‘…but HOW?!?’. “But HOW do I eat more / rest more / stop my weird and not so wonderful eating disorder behaviours […]

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Moving On… Quite Literally!

In this post I thought I would share a bit more about what is happening with me.. I have written before about my background and what led me to start this full on recovery attempt a few months ago (Read More About Me! if you have not!). In that post, I wrote about the fact that I […]

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When Life Becomes Possible Again In Eating Disorder Recovery

One thing I am finding as I progress through recovery, is that the fears that I needed to force life doors open, or they never would, that I had at the start of recovery or when I was still quite unwell were not grounded. During the years of illness and particularly during the latter years, […]

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‘Recovery Challenge’ Posts And Videos – Helpful? Some Thoughts…

Across social media there seem to be more people ‘in recovery’ from eating disorders making ‘challenge’ videos and posts. For example, videos of: ‘I am going to eat like x minor celebrity for a day’; ‘I am going to eat a (insert weird and messed up diet) for a day’, ‘I am going to only […]

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Recovery Drifting – Terrifying!

Eating disorder recovery is often described as a journey because… well because it is really.  You certainly don’t just pop a magic pill and the next day you are recovered (if only!!). Eating disorder recovery is generally quite a messy, painful, bumpy process of tears, snot, frustration and quite a lot of food. But it […]

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It’s All About Me Time!!

I don’t know about you but I hate the term ‘self care’ or ‘self love’. For me, I think this irritation with this term actually largely stems from a therapist I once had whose automatic response to just about anything was, ‘be kind to yourself’….  It got to the point that I would be timing […]

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Cold Weather With An Eating Disorder

So today in the UK it certainly feels like autumn has set in and summer is well and truly behind us. For years now I’ve always dreaded this time of year when the seasons change and the weather turns much colder.  Yet before my eating disorder I enjoyed winter as much as summer and being […]